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Welcome to my website

In these pages, I mean to introduce the primary aspect of my professional life as a musician — music composition. I have provided sample audio files and scores of my compositions written over the past two decades, each of which you are welcome to download.
can be likened to that of an architect -- an artist whose creative efforts begin with a vision, but are brought to life with materials that serve functional and formal purposes. Just as buildings are designed to be pleasant, inviting and engaging to the eye, so it is with music, which is successful in part owing to the beauty of its melodies, its rhythms, and other musical features -- all of which are assembled in such a way as to attract the ear. What is more, a successful musical composition will transport the listener beyond their daily concerns.
I respond personally to a wide range of composers: from Machaut to Boulez and the current group of French spectralists; from Bach, the great contrapuntalist and advocate of contemporaneous styles, to the current group of Austrian composers centered in Graz. I am also drawn to the rich tradition of Russian music, and especially to the music of Rachmaninoff, and contemporary Russian composers living in Moscow. Further, I revere the Americans Ives and Feldman. I am also sensitive to the great impact our folk music and jazz continues to exert in many countries.